Train Pics

The Train Pages

Because of Scooter Davis, Trains will always be one of my favorite things. If you ride motorcycles, you know it is always fun to have a destination. Many times our destinations were to see and chase trains. Chasing Trains: To research where the tracks cross the roads and to research the train schedule. Then to ride along beside taking video of the train and running ahead after each crossing to wait for the train at the next one. Finally to find you have ended up as a point of interest on scores of vacation videos that were taken by passengers from aboard the train. We once had a family from England send us their video. They had seen so much of us, when they exited the train, they wanted their picture made with us. Some of the most fun I have ever had riding a motorcycle were chasing the narrow gauge steam trains in Colorado and New Mexico. You can check two of our favorites her. The Cumbres & Toltec railway in northern New Mexico and The Durango & Silverton railway in Colorado are sure to please any rail fan.