Honda Spree

I bought the Spree for $100 at a Yard Sale after they had pulled it from a ditch where it was half covered in water. I bought it for my daughter. She learned to ride it and it was put to good use. I later learned she was not only riding the Spree, but she was also riding my Twinstar when I wasn't around. I came home one evening to find her with road rash on one of her arms. She said she had crashed the Spree. I found no scratches on the Spree, but here was a scratch or two on my Twinstar. She is now 32 years old at this writing and has finally fessed up.

After getting the engine going, this was about as simple of a restoration project I have ever done. All of the body is of course, plastic. I didn't want to try and get paint to stick, so I cleaned up the parts and didn't even paint the body. I did replace the tires, belts and cables. I cleaned and painted the frame, wheels and exhaust and had the seat recovered. This little Scooter never gave any problems. It was still running when she decided to sell it to buy a prom dress during her Senior year in High School. I can't remember what we sold it for, but I am sure she got my money back.