81 Wing Again

Since the last restoration project, serious health an financial problems put all projects on the back burner and left previosuly restored projects either abandoned or sold. Now that I (Randy) have regained my health, this project is at the front of the line. Scooter on the other hand is experiencing serious health issues. We also have several mile between us as Scooter is in Kentucky and I am in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Not sure how much if any of this project we will get to do together. We are hoping for another trip in 2016.

Oh how I wish I had gotten some friends to push the bike into a garage for me 5 Years earlier. All that time in open air without so much as a cover took its toll on every part of the bike. While the project bike is still setting in Kentucky, work has already started here in Florida. We are currently working to erect a garage on the property of a home we just purchased. I plan to go and get the bike over the Christmas holidays.


Since I am restoring a bike I have already restored before, I want to make it worth while. I have learned a little since the last effort and I want this to be the absolute best GL1100 I can build. So while the permits and building process move along on the garage, I have a lot of time to research, plan and prepare.

I have been entertaining a lot of ideas. I am not sure which ones yet I will or will not use. For exmple: I thought the back of the bike was way too bulky to look at. I wonder what the look would be if the bags were narrowed a little. However I like the storage space.


I am toying with several other ideas. Like lot of ideas from a custom headlight, automotive alternator and a killer sound system to a single carb. I always had problems with this bike running in the high altitudes.


I am an electronics Technician by trade, so that part of the bike is fun and that is the main reason I want to add an automotive style generator. I already have an extra battery in the trunk. Lots of lights and electronics will happen. I just can't help it!



The picture to the right is what the engine looked like when it was first restored back in 2001. This time I plan a intake manifold and a single carb. I do have Chrome Risers to connect the manifold where I now just have Chrome Covers. The Aftermarket Chrome Pieces have suffered. The Valve Covers and Rear Engine Cover which was custom chromed have survived and will stay on the bike.

In case you have picked this page before the oroginal restoration: This bike was restored and customized the first time about 15 years ago. That is when the fresh engine redo pictured above was completed. Life happened and it was desserted for several years.

If you would like to see more of the original project just click below.