1981 Honda Goldwing

1981 Honda GL1100


This picture was taken the very first day in the very spot we found her. She had been left behind by an owner who said he had forgot he owned it. The bike had been brought in for a spring time tune up about 3 years before we spotted it. $350 and some back taxes later we had another project! This one was a little different than earlier projects. I wanted this bike to be a dependable machine I could enjoy taking cross country without some of the troubles I had endured with earlier projects. I also had a few more dollars to spend on this project than some before, so we did all we knew at the time to make Lucy a little special.

We took this bike all the way down to the frame. We cleaned and or painted every last nut, bolt, washer and bracket.

This project was completed in 2001. We rode this bike every few days including 2 trips out west in 2003 and again in 2006. I (Randy) was taking Chemo Therapy in 2003. That year we actually trailered the bikes to Durango and rode to all parts of southern Colorado and the surrounding states from there. In 2006 we met in Russellville, Kentucky and started another big adventure out west. There is a page on this site dedicated to each of those trips as well as a home movie from the 2006 trip. In 2007 my health had declined even more and Lucy was parked. She was left neglected on a carport untill sometime in 2012. We finally got her moved to a climate controlled storage space. The bike was last started in 2010. It ran fine for a few minutes. Later that year when we tried to start it again the starter had locked up. As of this writing it is 2015. Scooter is in Russellville, KY and Randy is in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Now Randy is healthy and Scooter is having health problems. A garage is in the construction phase in Florida and the Goldwing will be the first project as we plan for another trip in 2016. Pictures of that project will be coming soon.