1980 CB900 Custom

1980 Honda CB900 Custom

After the 1982 CB900 project and my first big trip out west, I bought a 1995 Goldwing. Due to health and financial reasons that ownership was somewhat short lived. I never really took a big road trip on that bike. Once the 95 Wing was gone I had to find a more budget friendly bike for another road trip we had planned the following year. We found another CB900 Custom near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was parked beside a small country church building with a For Sale sign posted. We bought the bike and trailered it Graves County Kentucky where I was living at the time. This turned out to be a great project bike and a good dependable motorcycle for a few years. This bike made 2 trips out west, a trip to the east coast and several trips to the Smokey Mountains. It was indeed a good motorcycle!

As I have mentioned on other pages, this entire site is a work in progress. I am sure I have more pictures of this bike and the restoration project. I will continue to add pictures for each project as I find them. This bike kept it's factory paint job. Just new factory exhaust and complete disassembly cleaning and rebuild.

In the pictures above, you see this bike on its first big trip out west. We are somewhere around the Texas State Line when I began hearing a loud high pitched squeal coming from the front wheel. At first it was in short bursts, then it became louder longer to the point it was non stop and it was making me very nervous. We pulled into a truck stop, found an old truck tire beside a dumpster and used it to prop the bike up after removing the front wheel. It didn't take long to realize I had forgot to pack the little gear box that houses the worm gear that operates and connects to the Speedometer Cable. The bike slung grease for the next couple of hours, but it never squealed again!