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Thanks for taking some of your time to allow me to share some memories and ideas with you. I hope you find something on this site that you enjoy. Mostly I hope to convey the fun and friendship the love of Motorcycles, Trains, Trips and generally bringing ideas to life has brought to our lives.

It is simply fun!

Pictured Above: We rode from Martin Tennessee to Paris Tennessee and up the Trace in The Land Between The Lakes (Between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes) We were riding along at about 45 MPH most of the day. My son rode the Twinstar thyat day. When we filled it up with gas in Cadiz, Ky, we learned the old single carb 2 cyclinder from 1978 had gotten 80 Miles Per Gallon that day. A day with with my best friend and my son.....

It Was A Good Day!

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While this site was not built for this purpose, I will try to keep this site up and updated as we lost Scooter on 6/ 23/2016. I and many others will miss him for the rest of our lives.

Scooter was indeed my best friend and we

Shared Some Of The Best Times Ever!

Who is Rusty and Scooter?

Hi, my name is Randy Gardner. Scooter and I became friends while working in radio together starting in

1986. Around 1988 we began riding together, then restoring some of the old motorcycles we would

occasionally find deserted and forgotten in barns and storage facilties. I was raised around this type of work.

My dad and brothers and I have been restoring, customizing and building bikes, cars, trucks, machines and

buildings for as long as I can remember. I have even dedicated a portion of this website to some of those old

projects my family did over the years. While not every idea was a good one, as far back as I can remember we

always had something unique to ride around the neighborhood. If an engine could be attached, it usually was.

Once I was grown, I started rebuilding and restoring old cars. At first out of need, then to create something

different. Once I started restoring motorcycles, I knew they were my favorite. These projects are not the

multi thousand dollar V Twin projects you see on TV. These start out as Barn Finds then we ride them all over

the country or coutry side. A tool bag is always packed on these trips as well. When you ride 500 miles a day

on a bike that is 20 to 30 years old, you have to expect a problem or 2 along the way. It can be frustrating at

times, but for the most part, it is just part of the trip and experience and usually creates another story to tell for years to come and we have a bunch of stories.


Scooter Davis was touring the country on a motorcyle long before me. While I was riding around back roads near my home, Scooter was riding much bigger bikes and traveling all over the state and even the country. When we first met, he had just taken 3 weeks and toured all by himself from Russellville, Kentucky to the west coast and back. Stories from this trip really got me interested in being a little more serious about my motorcycle travels. At the time (1988) I didn't have a bike made at all for touring. The only bike I had at the time was a Honda CM185T (Twinstar) that my dad bought new for me in 1978. We went through the bike comepletely and decided we would travel to every state that adjoins Kentucky. Scooter on his GL1500 Goldwing and me on a 185cc Twinstar. (Simular to today's Rebel) There is a page here dedicated to that endevour. Scooter and I became and remain best friends. With some many projects, trips and stories. we decided to create this website to store and share these memories and ideas. Now when we meet someone on a trip or get lucky enough to find someone who wants to hear these stories, we can say "You can go see the pictures at www.rustyscooters.com". So thanks again and we would love to hear from you.

Above Left was taken in 1997. I had the original Twinstar my father bought for me in 1978. I had also built a matching Twinstar for my wife. My daughter had the spree and my son had the Z50. We didn't ride much as a family, but the whole family could ride.

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Among the many interests we share in common are Steam Trains. This is the Eureka Palisade Wood Burning Steamer running on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Colorado. We were invited to ride on the train on this paricular day. We parked the bikes and climbed aboard!

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This is Scooter pictured on our trip in 2006 at a Bar / Restaurant across from the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad Yard in New Mexico as best I remember. While at the establishment we met a Native American Indian Woman with her daughters. We never understood much of anything they said, but we were friends within a few minutes for seemingly no reason at all. They took more pictures that day than we did! It is people and events like this that made these trips so much fun. The fun of these trips seemed to be contagious. Almost Always!

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My dad along with my brothers I have restored and even created several cars. trucks and strange machines over the years.

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You can't always be on a road trip. In fact it has been a few years since our last one. In bewteen times we restore, and try improve the machines we have and find. Constantly talking about the last trip and looking forward to the next one keeps the projects going, at least when we can.


The 1981 GL1100 Goldwing is now in Florida. We will be unloading it at a temporary workshop I am setting up ata friends house. I plan to get started taking this ole girl apart again very soon!