Old Cars and Trucks

As is often the case, a few friends and neighbors learn you have the ability to make old cars look good again. Even though working for someone else makes the work a little more stressful, dad agreed to take on a project like this once in a while. One of those projects was a Chevy Monz and the other was an Opel.

I went through some Old Photo Albums to show some of the projects dad has taken on over the years. Some of his creations are pretty neat. Dad has always enjoyed turning cars into trucks or vehicles simular to an ElCamino. Not sure why, but I think this was his first such project.


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He did the same thing to a 1936 Sedan pictured left. I regret that I only have this front view picture with a neighborhood kid from the 1970's To the right and below is the first ElCamino like creation I helped on with a Vega Wagon.

Some of these were daily drivers. Some were special creations. Some were revived from vender benders and others were brought back to life from total Total Wrecks. This Chevy Chevette was somewhere in the middle.

Not every Project alwasy made it to the finish line. There were a few times when something seemed like a good idea and then it either stopped being a good idea or a better project came along. Here are a few of those.