1951 Chevy Coupe




It is not often that you have an antique and you truely know where it came from. I am lucky to have a few, like a radio my grandfather bought new in 1934 and this car that my dad's Aunt bought new in 1951. Story is: It was stolen at one point and found on or near the Fort Campbell Army base, abandoned and running. Dad has never been much for keeping anything original. It is more expensive and usually a lot more work. This 51 Business Coupe has the Monte Carlo Headlights like the 48 and for the same reason. The original fixtures were simply rotten. We towed the car from Cadiz to Greenville, Kentucky with a pipe and chain. The car had been resting for decades. I was in the 51 using its engine for brakes. At one point going down a long hill, I released the clutch and turned on the iginition. The engine actually ran for a minute. Pictured Left: The day we towed it home.