Twinstar Trip

Our friendship began with the restoration of this bike. It was a 1978 Honda CM185T. (Twinstar) This bike was bought for me new in 1978 from The Honda Hut in owling Green, KY. It was the coolest bike in the workd to an 8th grader. After restoring it in the late 80's I decided it would merit some bragging rights if I rode this little 185cc motorcycle to every state that adjoins Kentucky. The first leg was a Sunday afternoon riding to the state lines of Indiana and Illinois. Another ride was to Tennessee. We rode to the Smokies a few times. Finally we took a Holiday weekend to ride back roads to Virginia and West Virginia. It rained on us for a day and a half of this trip nad the coal mud from all of the coal trucks running in East Kentucky and the Virginias made for some nasty riding. We never did reach Ohio, my son Randon has offered to ride it to the Ohio line to comeplete the quest. Once I get another bike ready for me to ride on that trip, I may take him up on that offer.

We took this little bike to every state that adjoins Kentucky. Over a holiday weekend, we left Russellville, Ky and rode through Cumburland Gap TN, then through Virginia and West Virginia. Coming back through eastern Kentucky we stayed at this Motel / Inn called The La Citadelle near Hazard Kentucky. There was a crew there filming a movie and the waitress was so happy to wait on some nice, friendly and normal people. We had a ball with the waitress pictured below making fun of all the snooty and mean Hollywood people she was so tired of dealing with. In writing this, I learned the hotel is now closed.