The Smokies

The Smokey Mountains

As I have mentioned on other pages, Scooter and Randy / Rusty became friends while working together in radio in the 1980s. We also both provided lights and music for class reunions and various dances over the years. Circa 1996 or 97 Scooter was hired to play music for the dances at Spring Fling for the Goldwing Road Riders Association in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee. This was an annual gig for us for several years. We normally took a truck and trailer to haul all of the equipment as well as a couple of motorcycles. We would spend all of Thursday through Sunday riding the hills and provide entertainment for the dances on Friday and Saturday evenings. This was "Best Gig Ever". (Minions Movie) We would stay as their guest, get paid for our services AND rode all weekend. Depending on work schedules and what transportation we had at the time, the method of getting there varied each year. Some years we rode together, others times one would drive truck while the other rode on of the bikes from Western Kentucky. A family member also lives in Knoxville, so it was not uncommon for one or both of us to make a weekend trip to the Somkies and stay with him. Deal's Gap is well known among motorcycle riders, but nearly every road in that area is an adventure. Scooter purchased a Honda 600 Street Legal Dirt bike that we could lift up into the bed of a pickup. While they are not nearly as fast as some, that little dirt bike and little bikes like the Twinstar are a blast on those roads. My Goldwing is like a truck on Deals Gap.

We have been all over the area of the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg and 100 miles in any direction. We even purchased the 1980 CB900 Custom that you see pictured on this site in the Smokies. We were riding through Wears Valley I believe. The bike was For Sale beside a little country church. It belonged to the preacher's son. We made the deal and went back the following weekend with truck and trailer.


The kids have also riden over and spent a weekend on a bike in the mountains from time to time. The rest of the pictures on this page are from various trips to the Smokies. Enjoy!

There are a lot of stories from the Smokies. At the end of Randy's daughter's (Jerina's) senior year. She went on a weekend bike trip with dad to the Smokies. Since she was not conditioned for long rides, the bike was trailered to Knoxville and then the bike trip began. After 3 days of riding, we loaded the bike back on the trailer and started the long journey back to Paducah, KY. She was very tired when Scooter met up along the way. Pictured Right -

(You can see the 900 on trailer in background)

We found this bike on a gravel road during Spring Fling. They could not get the bike up and out of the ditch. I had just watched a demonstration at Spring Fling about how to set a Goldwing back up. So, I got the man on his bike and set him back up right as he slowing pulled ahead and out of the ditch. They were very grateful and super nice like most we meet along the way on every trip.

There is much more to Tennessee than the Smokies. Here is the 89 Wing at the other end of the state.