Lucy 2003

2003 Trip West

The Year We Had To Cheat

This was a shortcut trip beacuse Randy was in the middle of Chemo Therapy. We loaded the bikes on a 16 foot trailer behind a 2002 GMC Envoy and took off. We both felt like real sissies as we passed motorcycle on the I40. We just would just nod and look ahead. Fact is we have often made fun of all trailers at motorcycle meets for years. Now we were one of those, but it was for good reason. Fact is: Had we try to ride the entire trip, it would have ended up cut short. This way we made it and still had energy to rided a little in the mountains. We checked into the Spanish Trails Inn in Durango and that was home base for the rest of the trip. We left western Kentucky the Friday after Labor Day as was normally the plan. Dita, who would later become my wife also flew out to visit us for the last couple of days on our trip. We picked her up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and let her spend a day with us chasing trains. That day has forever given her a better understanding of why we enjoy these trips so much. Most of all she now understands what Chasing Trains really means.

We were not always sucessful, but we usually tried to snap a picture of east state line as we crossed them on our trips. Just as a joke, we snapped a picturer of the Texas State Line on I40. It looses something somehow the the rear view truck mirror and antenna.