2000 Trip East

2000 Trip East Coast & Georgia

For several years we tried to take a trip out west every other year. So 2000 was not a "Big Trip" year. Instead we decied to just take a holiday weekend and ride east. We were in East Kentucky or Tennessee when we realized my back tire was bald! We found a Honda Dealership and even though it was getting close to closing time on a Saturday, they changed the back tire on the 1980 CB900 Custom. By the time they were done it was close to 6pm, but we headed east again. We rode till way up into the night and ended up in Charleston, South Carolina.

The next day we made it to the east coast and then headed back west to Covington, Georgia. Covington is a little southern town with a famous city square. This is where they filmed the Dukes Of Hazzard and In The Heat Of The Night with Carroll O'Connor. When I stopped at a store to ask where they filmed these shows, the eye roll we received made it pretty obvious she had been asked that question many times.


This was the Police Department in the later episodes of

"In The Heat Of The Night".

In reality it is the City Library.

It was Jerina's (Randy's Daughter) Senior Year in High School. It was 2001 Randy and his family were all going to Destin, FL for vacation. Jerina wanted her cousin to go along, so that was going to make things a little couped up in the family car. Wait, everyone would be more comfortable if Randy just rode his motorcycle. Once Scooter learned of the plan, he met them along the way and rode all the way from Russellville, KY to Destin Fl., had dinner that night at Joe's Crab Shack and rode back home the next morning by himself.