1982 CB900 West


This was my first big trip on a big bike. It was the 1982 Honda CB900 Custon with Vetter Fairing and Bags, It was a bike we had just restored froma real clunker. We have fone through the engine, shocks, brakes, bears and carbs. Everything on the bike had been replaced and / or repaired. Now we were leaving from South Central Kentucky heading to Colorado and beyond. The first day was rough on the bike and fairing. I40 through Arkansas was some of the roughest road I had ever seen that year. It had bounced the speakers right out of the fairing dash and had beat me and the bike to death. I repaired the speakers that night at the motel. Then we were plauged with fuel problems for the new couple of days. I took the tank off and drained it twice. After that problem, the rest of the trip was trouble free and some of the most fun I have ever had.

1997 - First Big Trip Out West