1980 CB900 2001

2001 Trip West 2nd Time for 80 CB900 Custom

We started the restoration of this 1980 CB900 Custom in 1998. We took it on its first big trip out west in 1999. Since that trip it had taken a few trips across Kentucky and Tennessee to the Smokey Mountains, a trip to the East Coast and a trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida. I had checked everything like tires and plugs and in 2001 it was good for another trip out west. With the exception of a little miss in the number 1 cylinder in high elevations, it was a trouble free trip as I remember. The only problem on this trip was on Scooter's 1989 GL1500. We were headed back east across I40 and the Speedometer Cable broke somewhere around Amarillo Texas. That bike has nearly 200 thousand miles on it as of this writing, and when asked Scooter is quick to point out the miles the odometer is missing because of this incident.

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